Yesterday was my birthday!

Jun 01

Yesterday was my birthday!

So I have now survived two written tests at school and one practical.  I have another practical on Tuesday.  Thursday’s written test was…….. I don’t want to say easy, but so much less intimidating.  I walked into it confident, which felt awesome.  Especially seeing how the first test I walked into, I was practically shaking.  I still don’t think I got a perfect score on this past test, but I have a much better understanding of the material than I did with the first test.  I must say that going to this school has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Even if I don’t ever become a personal trainer (I am hoping to at least part time), the information I’m learning is invaluable to me.  That and I’m just improving so much as a person.  My social anxiety has been significantly reduced, my ability to deal with stress is getting so much better.  I had to give a nutrition report to the class on Wednesday and my heart rate still went up, and my face still got all hot, but I got through it, and I didn’t hide from it.    It’s been carrying over to weddings as well, I’ve been getting so much better at speaking up.  Conquering fears feels amazing.  And it’s only been two months.  I have four months to go, and I can’t wait to see what else I’m capable of.

So now, on to my goals.  Did I hit my 10 pull ups goal? Well no.  I had to change it to chin ups since my shoulder still isn’t quite ready to go back to pull ups.  Did I hit 10 chin ups? No.  I was up to 8 and I did a killer workout on Wednesday evening and was planning to have Ray video me at the local park yesterday morning.  But then on Thursday Al Kavadlo, whose Facebook and videos I have been stalking for months posted that he was having  free bootcamp on Saturday in NYC and I just HAD to go.  I arrived early so I could just do my chin ups there before the bootcamp, and I was hoping to get 9, would be thrilled but amazed if I hit 10, but I hit an unexpected surprise.  The bars there are significantly thicker than what I’m used to and I could only get 6.  I then tried the monkey bars, which were still thicker than what I’m used to, but at least thinner than the pull up bar, and I had to go neutral grip, and I managed 7.  Oh well.  A year and a half ago, I couldn’t do one.   I’m still significantly stronger than I was in my twenties, and that feels awesome.   And I’m not stopping there.  I hope to be even stronger when I hit 40.   =)  Why not?  There is a woman in my class who is 50 and her legs are SIGNIFICANTLY stronger and faster than mine.  She’s a true inspiration to me.  I don’t know that I will ever  be as fast as her, but why shouldn’t I try to improve with age?

So the boot camp was awesome.  I was pretty stoked to meet Al Kavadlo and even more stoked when he let me get my photo taken with him, and hung around to give people pointers on their moves.



And then he got me to do my first ever modified human flag!  I’m not sure what this version is called exactly, but it was fun and I’m pumped I did it!





“You’re only as old as you feel.”

~ a lot of people have said this, but in particular my grandfather Harry Koello.  He was a lot of things, but one thing that sticks out is how positive of an attitude he had about aging, and how strong he was even into his 80s.  Another thing he’d always say is “I’m not 85 years old, I’m 85 years young.”