Rock Climbing!

Mar 24

Rock Climbing!

So yesterday was my first time trying rock climbing! kim That is if you don’t count me messing around on one of those walls at the liberty science center for about 2 mins as a kid. Ray ray and I went with our friend Matt matt who has been twice before.

It was a lot of fun.  I feel like I held my own with the boys and that was pretty cool!  I think it probably helps that I’ve been working out and had finally managed to do two pull ups last Thursday!  That’s right I finally hit one of my mini goals!  I was going to wait until Sunday to try and have Ray video me at the park but I saw it was going to be cold and I just couldn’t wait.  The first time I actually failed.  I walked away from the bar, got mad and decided “no, this can’t be right, I’m up to 6 chin ups, I gotta be able to do this” and went back and knocked out two.  Unfortunately there was no one there to witness it.  Luckily though there was a “pull up rock” at the rock climbing gym so I had Ray take a video with his phone of me  trying them there.  This is after already doing it once and scaling a few walls so my form is kinda rough, but I knocked out 3.  I’m not entirely sure if the last one counts, but I decided that it does.


We are going to try to go back once every month so if anyone is interested in joining us sometime, let us know. It’s right in Maple Shade. =)

In other big news, I have decided to go back to school.  In April I will be attending NPTI for personal training.   It goes until October and it’s simply Monday-Thursday 9:30-2:30 so it will not interfere with weddings at all.   The only thing that will change in the immediate future is that Ray will be handling more of the emails and interviews.  Eventually I will try to find a gym to work at part time but I will still be shooting weddings with Ray, and our wedding business is still my priority.   Am I naive in thinking anyone will hire me when I refuse to work most weekends?  I guess I will find out.  I figure worst case scenario if the personal trainer thing doesn’t work out, I walk away from it knowing a lot more about my body, anatomy, finally get answers to all my fitness questions, gain valuable social skills, and get in a lot better shape.  And if that’s the worst thing that happens, that really doesn’t sound bad to me.