About Me


Hello there. I’m Kim Hennessy.  I am a full time wedding photographer (with my husband Ray) who is currently going to school for personal training.  When I say I’m a full time wedding photographer, this actually means I spend about 90% of my time sitting in front of a computer.   Not only does that stink for my body, it stinks for my mind.  So I try to stay active and eat healthy.   I’m starting this blog to share my personal fitness story in hopes that it motivates someone, anyone.  Maybe they will be inspired, maybe they can relate, maybe they will just get a laugh out of it.  Seriously if I can make one person just laugh at me that’s good enough for now.  If I get all preachy with a post, feel free to tell me to knock it off.  I will gladly take constructive criticism.

Thanks for stopping by. =)