An Introduction

Jan 24

Hello there. I’m Kim Hennessy. I am a full time wedding photographer who sometimes toys with the idea of being a part time personal trainer. When I say I’m a full time wedding photographer, this actually means I spend about 90% of my time sitting in front of a computer.   Not only does that stink for my body, it stinks for my mind.  So I try to stay active and eat healthy whenever possible.  I don’t actually have a lot of knowledge about personal training, I just love fitness and want to spread it around. I’m also actually terrible at teaching things. I’m not good at articulating instruction, and I get very demotivated when people get down on themselves.  I’m starting this blog to share my personal fitness story in hopes that it motivates someone, anyone. Maybe they will be inspired, maybe they can just relate, maybe they will just get a laugh out of it. Seriously if I can make one person just laugh at me that’s good enough for now. If I get all preachy with a post, feel free to tell me to knock it off. I will gladly take constructive criticism.

So about me. I’m 29 years old. I have always loved exercise. I have been anything but consistent with it, but I love the high I get from working out so hard I feel like I’m going to die and then 10 minutes after I’ve caught my breath I almost always feel fantastic. I’ve always struggled with what I eat. I am far too in love with sugar. As a child I seriously used to sit in front of the tv with a bowl of sugar and just eat spoonfuls of sugar. I never ate my fruits and veggies, and there were times where I’d make a meal out of an entire package of bacon. My husband says I must be exaggerating, and I do tend to exaggerate from time to time, but I’m not kidding when I say there were times I used to eat and entire package of bacon for breakfast, or a whole chocolate cake for dinner. I’ve only realized in the past few years how much my diet currently effects my mood, so I can only imagine how my diet came into play with my attitude growing up.

Right now I’m on day 11 of the most balanced diet I’ve ever had. I’ve been pretty decent with my diet for close to two years now. I use myfitnesspal to track everything I eat, and it’s kept me within 2-3 pounds of the same weight during that time. However that doesn’t mean I always eat healthy, I just eat within the right amount of calories. I have been eating healthier and healthier as times goes on but I still have room for improvement as I’m still trying to try more fruits and veggies. I’m up to 4 veggies and 2 fruits a day. I’d like to get to at least 5 veggies and 3 fruits a day.

I’m also on day 11 of p90x3. I’m loving it. My resting heart rate has already gone down 10 points. Crazy. (how accurate that is, I don’t really know. I don’t have a heart rate monitor I’m using an iPhone app called heart rate) I’m already at my “ideal weight” so I’m really just looking to improve my strength. I originally wanted to do a muscle up by my 30th birthday, but that’s coming right up in May and I don’t think I’m going to hit that goal. I was on track to do that 6 months ago, but then I hurt my right wrist and just stopped strength training all together. I have been keeping up with my steps, I try to hit 10,000 steps every day, I use fitbit one for that.  A month or so ago I noticed my wrist was feeling okay so I started doing a couple pull ups with a band and push ups again.  I was very upset that I had gotten up to 6 chin ups and now I can just do one. Still can’t do a pull up. My new goal is be to able to do 10 pull ups by my 30th birthday. I don’t know if that’s even do able but I always liked that Les Brown quote “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”

So the last thing I want to talk about today is my why. Why do I love fitness? For me it’s not just about my vanity. Yes, I want to be attractive, I’m human, who doesn’t want to be attractive? However, it’s not what gets me out of bed in the morning. I won’t lie, it’s a nice perk, and at times it does motivate me. When I’m dying in my p90x3 workouts and I just want to sit down I look up at the screen and see some of those girls abs and it certainly helps me keep pushing through. It’s not just about the feeling of accomplishment and pride. Which is also great, and I LOVE being able to move furniture and carry a ton of grocery bags into the house without going back for a second trip, or simply open a jar on my own.  My actual biggest motivation to work out and eat right is my mind. It’s ridiculously amazing how much both exercise and diet affect my mood. I struggle with anxiety and depression. (That’s not something I admit to a lot of people, and I’m a little worried about admitting it online, but oh well. It’s the truth and I’m so tired of the stigma that surrounds mental disorders. Anyway, back to my point) Nothing makes me feel better faster than a quick yoga stretch. Nothing makes me stop being angry and gives me time to pause and reflect better than a quick run.  Exercise isn’t going to make all the problems in life go away but it can make you better mentally equipped to deal with them. It blows my mind how much information is out there about how beneficial this stuff is for mental health and yet it seems to me that most doctors first reaction is to prescribe medication. I am by no means saying that diet and exercise is a cure all for everything or for everyone. I am quite close to a few people that I would never suggest stop taking their medication. I just don’t think it should be the first “go to” for everyone when there COULD be a safer solution with a lot less side effects. Diet and exercise can also be quite helpful when used in addition to medication. Some books that I’ve read that explain it much better than I can are The Good Mood Diet by Susan M Kleiner and Bob Condor and The Depressions Cure by Stephen S. Ilardi

That’s all for today folks. Feel free to leave me questions and/or comments. I love inspirational quotes so today I will leave you with one I saw on pintrest from reasonstobefit

“#0738 because when I run I don’t feel like crying anymore”