Time flies

Aug 30

Time flies

So a lot has happened in all this time I haven’t been posting.  I convinced some fellow classmates to join us for rock climbing:




I introduced myself to some NPTI graduates that still visit the school and photographed them pulling a car!




I convinced some fellow NPTI students to do some modified flags.





Ray’s sister Stacey came to visit and we went to the trampoline park, and went rock climbing.  (sorry I left the camera home on those trips) and then we went to Maryland for the weekend and did some bike riding and I got Stacey to do a modified flag.






I also finally starting using my go pro that I got for my birthday back in May.  Which I then used to make a video of my NPTI class visiting one of our teacher’s gym at Hit Fitness Training.


I graduate from school in 4 and a half weeks!! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone!  I wish I could stay in school another year.  I have my first job interview on Monday!  I haven’t been on a job interview 8 years!  Needless to say I’m a bit nervous for that one!  Funny I realized yesterday my last interview was actually Ray.   Unless you count client interviews, then I guess I have plenty of practice.  =)  I am a little bummed I  haven’t hit my fitness goals, but I suppose there is a little time left so I may still hit a couple of them.   I am excited I have far exceeded my goals for my performance at school,  I have far exceeded my expectations for making new friends, conquering my fears, learning how to teach, having more empathy and patience, and having more energy.  I still need to work on my confidence but I’m gonna call it a win.  Going to NPTI was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.