Update with mini vacation pictures!

May 09

Update with mini vacation pictures!

So as you may have guessed, I have been busy.  At the end of April I had a little mini vacation with Ray and our friends to Ricketts Glen.  We all rented an awesome house for the weekend with a pretty sweet view.

viewWe had a little fire pit going one night and made some s’mores.  Hey, life is to be enjoyed sometimes.  I like the saying, it’s all about moderation, not deprivation.


We did an 8 mile hike to see some gorgeous waterfalls



and we saw a few deer!


Regardless of everyone’s fitness levels, I’m pretty sure everyone was sore the next day, but I’m pretty sure we all agreed it was worth it.




My first test for school was last week.  I’m pretty sure I passed.  I only have the score from my practical, but I’m pretty sure I passed the written exam too.  I don’t think I got a perfect score though, I need to do some more reading of the chapters at home.  Some people think test scores don’t really matter, and to an extent they are right.  It’s not really worth making myself crazy over.   No one is going to shoot me if I fail, and it’s not likely any clients will say “oh, you only got an 85 on your first test at school, I don’t want to train with you.”  On the other hand, it’s proof to myself that I know what I need to know to do the best job I can to help people in the future and ensure I don’t hurt anyone.  Good grades will also make me feel less guilty about all the extra photo work I have been putting on Ray so that I can do this. (Thanks again babe, you rock)

In other news, my shoulder is not fixed.  I misunderstood.  I got cleared for pull ups, but I still have mobility work to do, and I’m not cleared for dips.  Until I can do wall slides, and not have any pain from any shoulder movement, my shoulder is not “fixed.”  On the bright side I figure once I can get it fixed, I will be that much more motivated to help others and much more conscientious of other’s shoulder problems, as it is a common problem.  Speaking of which, to anyone reading this if you spend a significant amount of time sitting, you might want to check out this article.  It’s a lot of the work I’m doing now.

We are getting into busy wedding season now so I don’t know that I will update again before my birthday, but I will definitely be posting that day to share how far I got with my birthday goals. May 31st. Stay tuned.

“Instead of giving myself reasons why I can’t, I give myself reasons why I can.”