Why I love bodyweight training

Sep 19

I’m such a hypocrite it’s funny. I’ve always hated the phrase “because I said so.” I can’t stand it when someone can’t give me a good reason for something, and yet I’m always expecting people to just take my word for it when I can’t explain myself. I’ve always loved bodyweight training, and I’ve never been able to thoroughly explain why. Until I thought about this post while sitting in traffic one morning. So here goes. I like to think of myself as an independent person. I believe in the saying that you can’t count on anyone but yourself. Now I love having other people in my life, and it is certainly easier to depend on them from time to time. But I like to think I could handle my own if I had to. Same goes for exercise. I like weights. I like kettle bells and barbells. At times I even like machines. (gasp) They aren’t my go to by any means, but they do have a time and a place. However I can get an awesome workout without these things. All I need is me, and that gives me great comfort. There is nothing ever stopping me from getting a good workout. Gym is closed? Not a problem. Snowed in? Not a problem. On vacation and forgot to bring bands? Not a problem. Even if I had the best and most equipped gym in the world, I would never stop doing squats and push ups. These are staples. They’ve been around a very long time and they are not going anywhere.

In addition to that, I’ve just always been in awe of what the human body can do all by itself. Like this for example.

I do love the simple tools though. You know I love pull ups, but to be fair, you can’t just do pull ups in the middle of a field with absolutely nothing to pull up on. Pulling up on rocks is fun, but I do love the bar. I especially love when other females love the bar

Another thought on why bodyweight training is cool, it’s free. How often in life do you hear people asking for the best quality for cheap prices? One day I was at tweeter and there was this guy wanting a top quality stereo system in his car, but he didn’t want to pay top dollar for it. The salesman looked him straight in the eye and said “life doesn’t work that way.” Dumbfounded at the brutal honesty the customer shrugged and said “okay, show me what you got.” Man, I always thought I was good at sales, but I’ve never quite been able to pull off that line. Anyway. That salesman was right. Except in this case. You don’t need a fancy gym membership. You don’t need fancy equipment. You can get in amazing shape for virtually nothing. Of corse it doesn’t come without hard work, which is another truth of life. And I do generally recommend getting a personal trainer. (By the way I will be graduating in less than two weeks!) But at the end of the day, you don’t NEED that. It’s helpful, I’d like to think I’m helpful. Personal trainers are around to help with motivation, to educate, to keep you safe, to explain and show in person how to do certain things you may struggle with. But you could go down to the library, or search online, do your own research and get moving all on your own. You is all you need. How often in life does that get to be true?

Besides all that, it’s FUN. There’s just something about learning a new skill, or old childhood skill, that’s fun and exciting. For example the other day I messed around with cart wheels and handstands, and I couldn’t help but smile. (Please do not judge me on these moves. They were my first attempt in 20 years)